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Victory Wrestling's Mission

Mission: To provide an environment to build character through learning wrestling skills. The sections below describe the Pillars of Victory Wrestling that will help us achieve this mission

Goal: Top 10 team finish at Super State

The 5 Pillars of Wrestling Victory

  1. Respect & Gratitude
  2. Heart & Determination
  3. Sportsmanship & Fair Play
  4. Faith & Patience
  5. Physical Fitness & Wrestling Skill

Describing the 5 Pillars

1) Respect & Gratitude

We teach wrestlers to develop respect for the sport, practice sessions, coaches, referees, their parents, teachers, and community leaders. 

Today is a great day for wrestling!!! is a great expression of gratitude for the chance to wrestle. Be grateful for this and other positive opportunities in your life.  

Although we don't bow before stepping on the mat, we should be grateful for and respectful for the opportunity.

2) Heart & Determination: Having heart and determination bring great rewards in life.  Wrestling will teach you this skill if you let it. 
3) Sportsmanship & Fair Play: Sportsmanship on and off the mat is a primary focus for our wrestlers.
4) Faith & Patience: Have faith in yourself, in the process of improvement, in your coaches and parents. Have patience to stick with your goals long enough to see that improvement.  
5) Physical Fitness & Wrestling Skill:

You will need to learn many skills in life - start with your wrestling skills and learn how to make them great. And, to succeed at wrestling you'll need to be physically fit. Learn this now and you'll develop patterns for physical activity for life.


We'll talk more about the 5th pillar below  

More about the 5th Pillar

Physical Fitness

Wrestling requires power. Power is the result of strength and mobility along with stamina to maintain that power throughout a match. Cael Sanderson is quoted as saying: "Anyone can wrestle until they are tired."

Victory wrestling training will help wrestlers develop this power. 

Victory wrestlers will also focus on proper hygiene as well as health & nutrition. This are keys staying physically fit. 

Wrestling Skill
Victory wrestlers will learn wrestling skills by focusing on these aspects of wrestling skill: 

  1. Effective Drilling & Sparring
  2. Attack Style, Point Scoring Focus combined with Constant Motion
  3. Urgent, Focused Effort --> remain calm while pushing the pace and focusing on your game plan
  4. Making Good Moves Great & Decent Moves Better
  5. Maintaining strong power positions while wrestling, for example: Head Up, Chest Up, Back Straight, Hips In, Arms In after taking a shot

Learn from the Greats

Looking for inspiration -- this section refers to some quotes and insights from around the world that will help you and your wrestler succeed in life !

Because we emphasize instruction, respect and sportsmanship at Victory Wrestling we look not only to the wrestling community for inspiration. 

Quotable Quotes

"Anyone can wrestler, until they are tired!" 
"Wrestlers compete as individuals, yet the sport builds camaraderie like no other."
"Unless you continually work, evolve, and innovate, you'll learn a quick and painful lesson from someone who has."
Quotes by Cael Sanderson, Penn State Wrestling Coach and Utah Native

"If you're not making mistakes, then you're not doing anything. I'm positive that a doer makes mistakes."
"Failure is not fatal, but failure to change might be."
Quotes by John Wooden, Legendary UCLA Basketball Coach

"Happiness is the struggle towards a summit AND, when [the summit] is attained, it is happiness to glimpse new summits on the other side"
Quote by Fridtjof Nansen, Norwegian Adventurer and  Nobel Laureate

Insights from John Wooden

Coach Wooden (legendary UCLA  Basketball Coach) talks about 2 players who he didn't think would succeed (when he first met them). But their hard work and dedication led them to play on national championship teams. 

It takes time to improve, so stick with it. 


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