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Victory Wrestling's Team Guidelines

The following sections provide details around expectations for parents, coaches and wrestlers as well as general guidelines for practices and the wrestling season. 

Parents, Coaches & Wrestlers

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Parents: As a parent I commit that I, and any other related or unrelated significant other that I allow to support my wrestler, will demonstrate good sportsmanship.  I understand that my actions could impact my wrestler's ability to continue in the program.  Specifically, I will not yell at, degrade, argue with, fight with, threaten, or otherwise torment referees, coaches, other parents, or wrestlers (including my own) during practice, competition, or any other time.

And consider the following:
Kids grow up to like the sports their parents enjoy, so consider hooking up your favorite device to the family TV and watching some great wrestling matches.  Your children may not watch, or they may stop and watch for a few minutes. Either way, here are some awesome matches that sports fans should truly enjoy watching. 

2017 US Wrestling World Champions: 

2016 US Wrestling Gold Medalists: 


Coaches: Coaches are committed to building character first and wrestling skills second.  Winning is not as important as developing character. The coaches are qualified and talented.  Please let me know if you have any conflicts or problems with the coaching staff.

Wrestlers:  Wrestlers commit to following the Five Pillars of Wrestling Success at Victory. Wrestlers also commit to follow good nutrition practices during the season.  Wrestlers commit to avoid swearing, fighting, sexual talk or gestures, hazing, and bullying.

General Guidelines

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Mat Care:  DO NOT bring pop, Gatorade, or other drinks into any wrestling room during competition or practice.  
Water bottles are allowed and encouraged.  For sanitation reasons, when you come to watch practice or cheer during competition, please do not wear your street shoes on the mats.  Parents and loved ones should remove their shoes if they walk on the mat.  Do not place chairs or other objects on the mats.  They are easily damaged. NO HIGH HEALS, NO STROLLERS, NO WORK BOOTS!

Gear: Your child is not required (but is encouraged) to wear a full uniform to compete.  You may purchase singlets, wrestling shoes and headgear at sporting goods stores or online (see coaches for additional details). If your child does not have a singlet, make sure he is in a t-shirt and shorts.  Levi cut-offs are not allowed.  He needs to wear some kind of footwear if he does not have wrestling shoes.  No jewelry of any kind is allowed. Wrestlers need to take their glasses off to practice or compete.

Hygiene:  Wrestlers should come to practice with headgear, wrestling shoes, a clean T-shirt and shorts.  Please do not allow wrestlers to wrestle in clothes that have not been laundered.  Please have your wrestler shower immediately after practice and competition.   Do not allow your wrestler to participate in practice when they are sick or have skin disease.

Weight Management:  Losing an excessive amount of weight is not allowed.  Wrestling has a long history of this unhealthy practice and there is a nation-wide effort to stop it.  Do not encourage weight loss for wrestling unless your child is medically overweight.  Coaches can assist wrestlers in need of small amounts of weight loss with healthy and safe weight management techniques. 


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