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Motion Leads to Scoring - Kyle Snyder 2017 World Championship Bout

By Coach Wheeler, 10/07/17, 11:15AM MDT


Here's are some technique tips from watching Kyles Snyder in the 2017 Wrestling World Championships 97kg (213lb) Gold Medal Match vs. Abdulrashid Sadulaev from Russia.

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This is an absolutely amazing match between two great wrestlers!!! It would also be fun to analyze Sadulaev, but maybe at a later date. 

Instead ... 

Let's look at tools Snyder uses to lead scoring opportunities (freestyle scoring) 

His Focus:
1) Repeated powerful snap-downs to get angles 
2) Power positioning & down blocks on his feet 
3) Constant motion & re-attacks to fend off enough of Sadulaev's attacks and score himself

How did Kyle score: 
1) re-attack double leg to push-out point
2) snap-down, go-behind takedown
3) double leg to push-out point
4) down-block defense, go-behind takedown -- with the match on the line Snyder uses amazing motion to spin behind Sadulaev