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Girls Wrestling at Victory

Copper Hills 1st Girls State Champ

Copper Hills 1st Girls State Champ

Girls wrestling is one of the fastest growing sports in the country, seeing over 15,000 female athletes competing in high schools across the country.  

Victory has enjoyed watching some of their female athletes grow and excel in the sport and look forward to girls wrestling as a sanctioned high school sport in Utah. 

Victory is also proud to support Copper Hills Wrestling and the Grizzly's first Girls Wrestling state champion - Jazmin Herrera, who won the title in February 2017

Additionally we're proud to have Victory Coach Scott Pace on the Utah National Girls coaching staff. 

This page contains some links and helpful tools for supporting women's wrestling. 

More about Girls Wrestling

America's 1st Female Wrestling Olympic Champion - Helen Maroulis

A growing sport: 
Women's freestyle wrestling was added to the Olympics in 2004 and women at the Cadet, Junior, and Senior levels compete in international competitions (including world championships) each year. 
In 2016 in Rio Helen Maroulis became America's first female Olympic Gold Medalist by defeating Saori Yoshida a Japanese legend in Women's Wrestling who was a 13 time world champion with only two losses prior to the 2016 Olympics.  
There are a number of colleges in the US & Canada that have women's wrestling programs. Women compete in a national college tournament in Freestyle wrestling via the Women’s Collegiate Wrestling Association (WCWA)
The National Wrestling Coaches Association is supporting efforts to introduce women's wrestling into NCAA Division One universities. 
You'll find some useful links and site below related to women's wrestling. 


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